Senior Masterclass: Risk Management

John Crawley

An overview of our Senior Risk Masterclass training course: Address business dilemmas and help create a culture in your organisation that ensures that risk management is not just a checklist feature; it’s an embedded component in your organisation’s DNA. You will learn what the most important processes are to manage in your organisation and what processes can and should be used to help your organisation remain in “safe” mode.

Operational and Cyber Resilience Part 1

Stefan Sulistyo

Join the first of Alyne’s two-part webinar series, which delves into the components that make up successful Operational and Cyber Resilience. Stefan Sulistyo, Alyne Co-Founder and CCO will be discussing the best practices for effective Business Continuity Management, Vendor Governance and Enterprise Risk Management.

Operational and Cyber Resilience Part 2

Karl Viertel

Join the final instalment of Alyne’s two-part webinar series, which delves into the components that make up successful Operational and Cyber Resilience. This webinar will focus on the best practices for effective Cyber Resilience, Incident Management, Training and Awareness.

Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

David Rubens

It seems clear that the basic frameworks and principles that have supported corporate risk and crisis management for the last twenty- five years are beginning to be outpaced by the scale and scope of the emergent risks that we are now facing.This webinar covers the main themes of corporate risk & crisis management and the development of organisational frameworks that can support effective risk and crisis management planning at the highest level.

Risk in the Boardroom

Ian Beale, Carolyn Saint and Louis Cooper

CEB’s Ian Beale presents a 60 minute webinar on ‘Risk in the Boardroom’ with guest speakers: Carolyn Saint, CAE, University of Virginia and Louis Cooper, IRM approved trainer and Chief Executive of the Non-Executive Directors’ Association

Developing a Risk Management Programme for your Organisation

Joachim Adenusi MSc FIRM ACII (Former IRM Director)

The focus of this programme is manifold and address the following issues: fostering the use of the tools of risk assessment and risk management in new fields of application such as policy making; providing a platform between the insurance community, the engineering and academic communities and policy makers to discuss risk issues; promoting the concept of the insurability of risks as the natural borderline between State legislation and the market economy; identifying new opportunities for insurers in the emerging sustainability concept in order to enlarge the field of insurable risks

Effective Key Risk Indicators

Dr Ariane Chapelle

A set of Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) is a crucial tool for any organisation which wants to define risk and identify the potential impact of adverse events. Join our informative and insightful webinar to find out just what you need to start – and improve – your own organisation’s KRI programme. It will last around 35 minutes, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. Designed for mid- to senior-level practitioners.